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Life Planning BINDER (FREE)
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How to Create Your Own Life Control Centre and Life Planning System

Attain more clarity, focus, creativity, connection, meaning, intuition, and results.


Serious about your growth? Where do you keep your worksheets, goals, ideal 'Dream Calendar', Life-on-a-Page, daily practices, journals, COFFEE questions/answers, learnings, cheat sheets, and lots more. Create your own Life Planning Binder to keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly activities.

Now, everything in one, 'GO TO' place. Print your pages, put them in a binder and you can sit anywhere, inside and outside, and work on your evolution and creations. BUT FIRST:

Download Your Starter Binder Pages and Instructions - Print these core pages, get 5 dividers, put them all in a 3 ring binder, and start recreating your life. Click the link to download.

Core pages in your starter binder are:

  • My Personal Dashboard - Daily, get a sense of order, healing, intuition, aspiration, and clear direction - all on-one-page.
  • My Ideal Dream Calendar - Idealize your day, week, month, and year - all on-one-page. So nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Happy Dumping Ground - Just Journal Daily - Even if it is one word, a 7-word headline, a paragraph, or more. Draw out your inner wisdom. Uncover the inner power of  journal writing.

New Transformational Tools that are added regularly for members are:

  1. AMP Up Your WARP Drive. This acronym/process is key to releasing common, hidden, unconscious programs around worthiness, skills, I can't..., if, when, self-acceptance, why me?, etc.
  2. A Simple 2-step Process - New perspectives on how to elevate your awareness so you more easily manifest a better life.
  3. My 3 Step Life Plan - Keep it simple. Internalize your own 3-word, big picture, long-term plan. Make it memorable, meaningful, and magical.
  4. My Power Hour - Start with daily 'Magical Minutes' of your best tools that are so magical, you expand them into your ultimate 'Power Hour'.
  5. My TOT, CREED, and Intentions - Call it what you want. It works. Activate your 'Reticular Activator System'. We will show you why.
  6. BE ME NOW - My most fun, revealing, intuition development tool.
  7. Power Journaling - A quick review of over 50 Journal Writing tools. Which ones would best for your style and needs.
  8. Healing Hot List - We all have dozens of ways we separate ourselves from truth, love, opportunities, authenticity, guidance, and wisdom. Also our Needs Tree is a 'must use' tool for everyone.
  9. Pet Peeves "Awaken Awareness CARD" - A quick, easy, real time way to capture what blocks you from truth, authenticity, and miracles. Learn more about you in one hour than you will in weeks using other methods.
  10. Daily Healing Steps - Life is mainly about unlearning, integrating, and healing back to wholeness and the real you.
  11. The Power of QUESTIONS - Step back for 20 minutes with these 9 Monthly COFFEE questions and keep your eyes on the bigger picture of your life. OR take our 14-day Smart Question Coaching series. Draw out your own inner wisdom.
  12. Awareness Spiral - STOP and pay attention to how to develop awareness for self-knowledge, healing, intuition, developing character, clarifying life purpose, and even manifesting itself.
  13. A Review of Transformational Tools - Lets step back and put our new tools into perspective. Which ones will work best for you?
  14. More Awaken Awareness CARDS - These real-time tools our powerful and create results quickly. If you want to fast track your growth, this is how!
  15. 5 Ways of Manifesting - You are manifesting 100% perfectly. You create and attract miracles in 5 ways. Why not manifest positive instead of negative results. Synergize them to work all at once.
  16. Pendulum and Muscle Testing - Your nervous system and body know your truth. Learn how to get quality answers quickly and confidently.
  17. Synthesizing Scoper - Many of us are at least 30 to 50% intuitive. This tool will help you separate the wheat from the chaff and bring your best intuitive ideas surface.
  18. Power of Buddies and Master Mind Groups -
  19. Your Life Journey - from multiple perspectives - smart coaching questions, quotations, humour, resonating with creative choices, etc.
  20. Understand Consciousness - and Understand your Life. Once you know exactly how to raise your consciousness, you get on the fast train to results, love, and abundance.
  21. AND Lots more Transformational Tools for these Now Times keep coming

 "The more prepared you are, the more spontaneous you can be." -- Sue Paulson

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