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Quarterly/Yearly Personal Retreat Topics

Time to dream and bring those dreams to life

You are the navigator of your ship. At least every 3 months and definitely once each year, step back and review the voyage you are now on. Could your life be more interesting, more rich and fulfilling? Where might you go, where you've never been before? Open to new possibilities for new destinations and new venues and important side trips.

The Quarterly/Yearly Re-Treat Topics below focus on aspirations, holidays, successes, failures, life lessons, relationships, health, finances, life purpose - on what is most important to you.

Ideally, give yourself one full day every 3 months for life planning. Treat yourself to a real Re-Treat. If possible, go away to a new location - getting out of our normal sphere helps bring new perspectives. Really put your life under a microscope and do an in-depth review. Then get out the telescope to raise your sights and shoot for a new star.

Take a minute right now and book in your calendar a Quarterly Re-Treat day every 3 months to do this important review.

Quarterly/Yearly Personal Re-Treat Yourself Topics:

  • Create sacred space - Ideally, give yourself a whole day for rest and inner reflection. If possible, go to a different place where you can enjoy solitude and new surroundings. If you like, use a personal ritual or meditation to affirm your intention to open to your higher guidance.
  • Spend time in stillness and nurturing - Pamper yourself! Throughout the day, give yourself blocks of free time. Take a few deep breaths and relax. Try a short meditation or do nothing at all to give yourself space. Or engage in activities that truly nurture you, like singing, playing or listening to music, dancing, artwork, taking a hot bath, spending time in nature, etc. Just be with yourself. Go inside and observe and sense yourself - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Watch your thinking, experience your feelings, accept what is and let go of resistance.
  • Review your monthly review notes for the last 3 months.
  • Do some or all of the quarterly Smart Questions.
  • Review your Life MAP to see if anything is to be added or brought forward at this time.
  • Update your focus/hot list page. Look at the bigger focus areas and the task list for each. Identify what you want to heal or work on next.
  • Complete one of the ‘Insights on One Page’ worksheets that best addresses your needs at this time.
  • Review your life purpose or complete the purpose on one page worksheet.
  • Review the Higher Awareness Passport for your next learning and growth.
  • Review and adjust your goals for the next quarter. Anchor the goals you want to attract to you.
  • Summarize your next step(s) - Review your notes from this re-treat and write a short summary of your insights and intentions. Note what is important for you to track on the insight tracking on one page.
  • Review your commitments - Check your daily calendar and dream calendar for the next quarter. Ensure you've booked time to support your needs.
  • Give thanks for this time of solitude and inner connection.

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