One Minute Personal Retreat Process

Claim precious minutes of awareness throughout your day

For many of us, our days typically overflow with busywork. We’re running on habit and reacting to the influences around us. If we want to get more out of life, we need to pause once in a while and consciously choose how we spend our time. This starts with awareness.

For improved health and balance, check in with yourself at least a few times each day. Draw your attention inward for just a few moments to connect with your inner guidance.

Here’s the Micro Re-Treat process. It need only take a minute or two.

  1. Relax with breathing - Take a few deep breaths with an intention to relax.
  2. Pay attention to yourself - Focus inside and just sense and experience yourself. Where are you holding tension? Breathe into the tension and as much as possible, let it go.
  3. Ask, “What am I feeling and thinking?” Give yourself time to describe your experience. Be patient – this gets easier with practice.
  4. Ask, “What do I want? What’s most important to me right now?”
  5. Give thanks for this moment of connection and for any insights you get.

Identify a few triggers to remind you to STOP and take a Micro Re-treat during your day. Examples of triggers include when we change tasks, take a break, on the hour (set a timer), get into a car, etc. See our lists of triggers and pick out a few that will work best for you.

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