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One Minute Personal Retreat Process - A List of Choices

Everyone has their own journey, create the time and space to go through the list one by one and see what resonates with you.

Achieve balance
Acknowledge, feel & honour pain
Acknowledge, then feel & release fears
Affirm a positive quality about the situation you are in
Affirm a positive quality within yourself
Affirm your independence
Allow energy to flow
Ask for guidance, for answers
Ask for what you need
Ask for what you want
Assume your responsibility
Be aware of body sensations & learn from them
Be aware of defences
Be more effective
Be more efficient
Be patient
Be present
Breathe deeply
Choose love, joy, freedom & peace
Claim your power
Communicate clearly
Complete what has begun
Decide your next step and do it

Determine cause or effect
Disengage & detach to be a witness to your own experience
Expand your limits
Explore motives
Explore what's hidden
Find meaning in what's happening around you
Find new ideas
Find purpose
Focus on finding a solution than worrying about the problem
Focus on the needs of the other
Follow your own truth
Forgive yourself & others
Give yourself space & a time-out
Honestly express what you're thinking & feeling
Identify & honour your own needs
Identify & honour your values
Imagine a preferred or ideal outcome
Learn and learn more
Listen with intent
Love and respect yourself
Manage your emotions responsibly
Monitor your thoughts

Open to intuition or higher guidance
Open yourself up to new possibilities
Recognize and experience feelings and emotions
Recognize and release labels
Reconnect more genuinely with others
Release blocks
Release negative emotions such as guilt, anger, jealousy, impatience
Release your tensions
Respond creatively
Set goals
Shift to a more positive outlook in life
Stand in integrity
Start anew
Start your day energized
Think about what you want in you life & not what you don't want
To expand your outlook in life
To recognize limitations & early warning signals
To remove yourself from the situation & see things from a distance
To understand the lessons you encounter
Value differences & celebrate them

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