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Weekly COFFEE Questions Worksheet

9 questions to becoming more balanced, creative, empowered and clear.

coffee questions

Enjoy a quiet beverage of your choice for at least 10 minutes and fine tune your life direction, goals effectiveness and balance.

Treat this as a 9 question coaching session.
Write short answers and as you do sense how your answers come to you.
Watch your feelings and thoughts.
Write in your calendar the date and time each week when you plan to consistently do your weekly COFFEE Questions.
Watch yourself keep balance and clarity.

Your choice to:

"The effectiveness of work increases according to geometric progression if there are no interruptions." - Andre Maurois

Weekly COFFEE Questions

Date My peak experience My biggest challenge New choices to make




Date My time wasters.
How I hold back
Where am I vulnerable? How I will experience more stillness




Date Areas requiring more
Relationships needing more development Goals needing more clarity and commitment





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