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MODEL of Life #2
Circle of Life Journey

Track your journey through the circle of life

Our journey through life is very similar to the four levels of learning.
Lets use a metaphor of a child learning to tie shoe laces.

  • Unconscious incompetence - This is like the one-year-old child who doesn't even know what a shoelace is.
  • Conscious incompetent - This is like the four-year-old child who is aware of tying shoelaces but not very good at it.
  • Conscious competent - This is a 10-year-old boy who is competently aware as he ties his shoelaces.
  • Unconscious competence. - This is the adult that automatically ties a perfect shoelace while doing three other things. It is almost a state of being.

That is how we journey through life and the circle of life represents how we are unconsciously programmed with limiting beliefs, then we become aware of how they do not serve us, and we start to change them as we work towards being a natural, loving, wise, powerful being.

Have you reached your "MAGIC" turnaround point in your life journey? See storyline point #6.  When you are accountable for everything that happens in your life and you are not a victim to any outer circumstances, your life and perceptions change dramatically - for the better.

Follow the words around the circle and make notes on what you are experiencing in your life right now and what you have healed or resolved and what lies ahead of you. Enjoy your journey.


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"You can sit back and wait for life to happen to you,
  or you can make it happen yourself." -- Jim Allen

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