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Ego is - A List of Choices

  • is the mind-made “I”
  • is an illusion of our real self or true essence
  • emerges early in life to protect us from perceived threats to survival
  • identifies with form and desires
  • lives in individual identity through separation from others
  • lives through comparison of self to others
  • is unaware of connectedness
  • lives in the past or the future, rarely in the present
  • is programmed through subconscious beliefs and patterns
  • primarily defined by unconscious reactions
  • is compulsive, repetitive and stuck in dysfunctional patterns and relationships
  • seeks recognition, praise, power and attention
  • confuses facts with perceptions and reactions
  • imprisons and entangles itself with its belief systems and labels
  • needs to control and manipulate because it does not trust; sets agendas, rules, structures
  • defines boundaries
  • contracts and hardens its shell for security
  • values succeeding, accumulating, building
  • is self-centered
  • holds opinions and judges
  • takes things personally, is often offended
  • needs to be right
  • is easily victimized
  • complains, blames and feels resentful
  • is concerned with self image
  • seeks immediate gratification
  • is not having enough, needs more of everything
  • is rarely satisfied for long
  • is unconscious -- do not take it personally
  • gets attached to content
  • is source of grievances and angst
  • is image making, self seeking
  • matures as we grow in awareness
  • matures when we bring consciousness to our suffering
  • matures with humility

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