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Universal Law #3

Universal Law of Act, Cause and Effect

Harness Higher Energies to Finally Bring Your Dreams to Life

universal laws Lots of things happening in your life except for the one thing you truly want? Feeling like things should turn out differently? Pictures in your head you want to see come alive? Time to live the life you have pictured. If you still feel puzzled how successful people did it, it's your chance to be one of them.

  • Unlock the truth in manifesting
  • Complete the equation to the formula of success
  • Discover supportive higher energies that aids your completion
  • Achieve great things as you gain valuable wisdom
  • Materialize your most treasured ideas, visions, and aspirations

This third law is in fact the next part of the Law of Attraction. Thus, signifies completion. This law naturally perfects the Power of 3. In the Universal Law of Action & Cause and Effect, we complete the Mystical 3 Laws by supporting you to:

     ✔  Downshift higher energies into matter
     ✔  Grow by continuous integrated steps
     ✔  Shift from letting go to letting in
     ✔  Take in energy, assimilate and express to maintain movement.
     ✔  Take inspired actions to see the Law of Attraction in action.

Energy is always in motion. We must GIVE to RECEIVE to keep your energy in circulation - to keep the channels open. This is often what we commonly miss out in the equation. All our actions fit into the grand scheme of things. A great plan is nothing without actions and energy circulation. Plan your steps from your soul's agenda and what you deeply believe in. Fuel a burning desire to be in consistent motion to achieve your dreams.

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