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Greatness Concepts - A List of Choices

Achieve total acceptance of yourself
Adopt a child
Be the best you can be
Become 100% accountable - not
a victim
Become a foster parent
Become an ideal parent
Become a team captain
Become the "boss"
Befriend a lost soul
Break a world record
Break free of addictions
Bring joy to others
Bring peace to a battle zone
Care for the environment
Care for your neighbors
Change your lifestyle
Conquer your #1 fear
Create an art piece or music
Defend the downtrodden
Design an award-winning building,
dress, structure ...
Develop more independent will
Discover a new scientific fact
Entertain children
Excel in your skill
Feed the hungry
Fight crime
Fight for a cause
Find ideal partner
Give blood regularly

Identify and live your innate
self expression
Integrate different cultures
and customs
Invent something
Leave a legacy
Live in total honesty
Live your life purpose
Love unconditionally
Make a stand
Master balance
Master cooperation and
Mentor someone
Nurture a garden
Organize a benefit event
Perform in competitions
Play in a symphony
Practice humanitarianism
Protect something endangered
Provide shelter for the homeless
Really BE there for someone
Save people's lives
Serve in politics
Speak to large audiences
Succeed in your preferred career
Support people with their healing
Take a leadership role
Tame strong reactive emotions
Teach wisdom and truth
Work internationally
Write a book

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