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Stress Reducers - A List of Choices

Accept all as is, let go of judgment
Add love to everything you do
Allow enough time
Allow yourself to be sad sometimes
Allow yourself to make mistakes
Applaud all the things you do well
Appreciate yourself and others often
Ask for help when you need it
Avoid self-pity
Avoid unnecessary competition
Balance work, home/family, recreation
Be more flexible and open
Be open to new friendships
Be positive
Become physically fit
Breathe deeply often
Call up happy memories
Celebrate successes
Choose to be with happy people
Count your blessings
Create boundaries
Create realistic deadlines
Cultivate patience
Delegate more often
Do difficult tasks during your prime time
Do fewer things - lighten your load
DO IT NOW - Don't delay
Do it right the first time
Do not procrastinate
Do one thing at a time
Don't bring work home
Don't take life so seriously
Don't push others away
Don't worry about little things
Eat nutritious food
Eliminate destructive self-talk
Eliminate negative thinking and worrying
Eliminate unnecessary tasks
Embrace whatever life brings
Exercise daily
Experience and share your feelings
Explore aromatherapy
Express your creativity
Find ways to enjoy your work
Forgive others & yourself daily
Get a pet (a well-trained one!)
Get away from your work site for lunch
Get enough rest
Get enough sleep
Go for what you love
Give yourself time to think
Have a purpose, goals, vision
Have a specific plan to help yourself
Have more fun
Idealize a 'Dream Day' schedule
Identify what worries you
Imagine yourself at peace
Journal daily
Keep a sense of humor
Know this is a loving universe
Know your boss's expectations and agendas
Know your limits and your symptoms of stress
Know your top responsibilities
Learn effective communication skills
Learn relaxation techniques
Learn to say 'no' to others' excessive demands on you
Learn to switch off thinking about work when you get home
Limit alcohol and caffeine consumption
Listen to relaxing music
Live in the present
Live one day at a time
Look for source of underlying anger and depression
Make time for yourself
Memorize the Serenity Prayer
Organize your home and workplace
Plan a fun activity every day
Plan ahead
Plan each day well - do what's most important
Play music
Play sports
Praise others
Put yourself in the other person's shoes
Quiet your mind for 15 minutes daily
Read a good book
Read inspirational materials
Recognize and accept your limitations and the limitations of others
Recommit to what is important to you
Reduce clutter
Reduce interruptions
Reflect and put things into perspective
Relax daily
Release guilt
Release perfectionism
Remember to be grateful
Resolve 'must haves' from 'want to haves'
Rise 15 minutes earlier in the morning
Say "NO" more often
Schedule relaxation time
See problems as opportunities
Seek out what makes you happy
Seek professional help if needed
Set specific hours for work
Share chores with family members
Simplify wherever possible
Soak up the sunshine
Spend more time with friends
Spend time in nature
Stand up for yourself
Stop trying to out-perform others
Talk things over with someone you trust
Take a hot bath
Take a lunch break
Take a nice long walk
Take martial arts or Tai Chi
Tap into your inner calm
Think It and Ink It - write things down
Think positive thoughts
Tie up loose ends
Treat yourself on a regular basis
Trust yourself
Trust others
Trust that all is perfect now
Turn mistakes into lessons
Turn needs/addictions into preferences
Use positive affirmations often
Use your imagination more
Watch a movie
Watch for stress's early warning signals
Write your concerns and worries down
Write your own appreciation list daily

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