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Business Coach Questions - A List of Choices

What 5 things have I (we) been procrastinating?
Where can I (we) be more effective in what I (we) am doing?
What are the hidden agendas of my boss or partner?
What 3 areas in my (our) work must I (we) recommit to?
For what problems must I (we) ask solutions?
Looking back over the last year, what things would I (we) change?
What key choices or decisions must I (we) make?
What are my (our) time wasters?
In what areas should I (we) obtain more education?
Where am I (or the company) vulnerable?
If I were Chairman of the Board, what would I do differently?
In what areas are staff or departments experiencing friction?
What do we do poorly or incorrectly at work?
Who needs to be rewarded or recognized for things well done?
In what areas are goals and objectives not clearly defined?
What barriers must I (we) eliminate so staff and clients can move forward faster?
What deadlines must I (we) set for others and myself?
How can I (we) delegate more effectively?
What needs better maintenance to reduce future firefighting?
What am I (are we) willing to sacrifice for the above actions?
What prospects, customers, suppliers or staff should I (we) develop more?

What are your assets and your liabilities?
What are some ways to increase cash flow?
What are some ways to cut costs?
How can I (we) more accurately measure our profitability?

What do my (our) clients really want? How can I (we) provide it?
How can our product mix be improved?
How can our Unique Selling Proposition and product positioning be improved?
What external changes (from our competitors, within the industry and in society) must we react to or prepare for?
How can we improve our marketing, sales and service?
How can our sales process be improved for higher closure rates?
What does it cost you to market and sell your products?

Manufacturing or Service
How can product quality be improved?
How can we improve our production control?
How can we save production time?

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