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What is Meditation? - A List of Choices

a creative process
a direct pathway to the divine state
a means to experience unity
a path to the truth
a practice to assist you in being more conscious
a process of adding clear, positive thought forms to the mass consciousness of humanity
a process of surrendering
a road to enlightenment
a state of being conscious
a skilful means to evoke pure awareness
a way to bring together your natural styles, the essential nature of mind, your moods, insights, whatever is appropriate
aligning with God or thoughts and values of God or the prophets
an orderly process to reveal soul or to find God
being at one with a higher energy
being fully attentive and conscious
being impressed by God
being present with a greater reality
changing the limitations of the personality into perfections of the Soul
navigating inner space
conscious control
conscious higher awareness
conscious, deliberate use of thought to fulfill a specific purpose
creative alignment of instinct, intellect, intuition and identification
developing self awareness
discovering our true nature and finding stability and self confidence
experiencing bliss, clarity and knowingness
exploring the subtle fields of consciousness
extending one's consciousness
glimpsing illumination
holding the mind steady in the light of God
inner actions for mastering the inner realms
lifting awareness into super consciousness
linking lower mind, group mind, soul, spirit and universal mind
mastering the inner realms
mental participation in the grander scheme of things
merging individual qualities with God's qualities
natural, rewarding and produces astonishing results
one of the few ways to consistently contact the soul
relaxation, concentration, reflection, contemplation and illumination
service through spiritual creativity and radiation
sustained, controlled mental attention and activity
thinking through into the higher states of consciousness and intuition
union of self with Self
your greatest gift to yourself

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