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Perspectives - Journaling Tool

Shifting to more inclusive and impersonal perspectives raises our consciousness.

"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail." - Abraham H. Maslow

Each time we write, it can be from different viewpoints. The perspective may shift in terms of timing, people, parts of your psyche, seriousness, humour, etc.

Changing our perspective can totally shift our experience of pain. We can stand back and be more objective. We can detach from the pain and the memory. We can put meaning or love or humour into the situation. We can feel better about who we are.

We always have choice: we can stay stuck in a memory or we can pull ourselves free and watch our life drift to a new level. We all have releasing to do around parents, addictions, conflict, money, divorce, death, guilt and resentments - whatever. Use this tool to let go of chains that are holding you back.


Select one of the most challenging times you have had in your life. You are being asked to write about this event in detail from the four different perspectives outlined below. Do them in the order given. This exercise is very effective if you do it verbally with a trusted friend and let them write notes for you as you talk. When you've completed the exercise, read over your responses and write about your insights.

Getting started:

  • Revisit the situation in depth. Describe the details of the event. Now identify with the challenge. It's okay to be emotional. Get clear about your emotions, attitudes and beliefs.

Go deeper:

  • Now revisit the above situation from the perspective of an observer who is watching everything unfold. Describe the facts as they would see them. Write their observations.

Reach higher:

  • Next write about the above situation from the perspective of God. What is the divine viewpoint? What are you being invited to learn? What spiritual quality are you to connect with?

Lastly, write a sit-com around this event. Put humour into it. Create a story that makes you laugh.


Answer one of the two questions below from 4 perspectives or levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. When you've finished, read over your responses and write a short summary of your insights.

1. How much is too much? OR
2. What limits do you set on yourself?

Getting started:

  • Physically - your habits and actions

Go deeper:

  • Emotionally - your reactive emotions or innate deep feelings
  • Mentally - your self-talk, beliefs, attitudes

Reach higher:

  • Spiritually - your service to others, unconditional love

"When you change your patterns of thinking, you change the way you feel about yourself, about others, and about the world. And changing the way you feel enables you to deal more productively with your problems and burdens and to take actions necessary to improve your life." - Dr. Arthur Freeman and Rose DeWolf

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