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Dyad - Journaling Tool

Speaking can be just as powerful as writing as a tool for expression and awareness.

"There is no index of character as sure as the voice." - Benjamin Disraeli

With a dyad, you speak and let someone else take notes. Some people get more clarity and ideas by speaking than by writing. Select a caring person you trust. Sit across from that person so your knees are almost touching. Have your companion ask you the same pair of questions over and over again, and have them write down your answers. Spend at least 5 minutes repeatedly answering each pair of questions.


Getting started:

  • What is a major theme in your life? What do you enjoy or dislike about it?

Go deeper:

  • How do you blame yourself? Why do you do that?

Reach higher:

  • What may be your life purpose? Why do you think so?

"There are tones of voice that mean more than words." - Robert Frost

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