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The Pause - Journaling Tool

Slow down and let the moments teach you.

"A good rest is half the work." - Yugoslav Proverb

We need to remind ourselves to take breaks! Periodically, it's essential that we slow down and give our thoughts time to integrate and to allow new thoughts to rise to the surface. That we give ourselves time to just be in our own space. If we are often with others, then we can take time to be alone and silent.

We lose soul when we try to cram too much into life. Our lives lack depth and become increasingly superficial.

To be most effective, a break should be 5 to 10 minutes, without conversation and with no eye contact. Do not read or be too focused or busy. Just BE as you possibly get a beverage, take a short walk, go to the washroom, etc. Even during meetings, ask for a Pause. The break will improve the meeting's productivity.

Vacations bless us with a longer pause. Though they are often busy, at least they give us a reprieve from our normal routines and cares. Be sure to take your journal with you on your holidays, and take time to reflect on the quality of your life. We usually see our lives more clearly when we are physically away from home base.

Take a Pause:

  • when you reach overload or saturation of information;
  • when you want to attain your own clarity;
  • to tune into your body sensations and feelings;
  • to check inside for your own beliefs and truths; or
  • to see whether your thoughts are your own or others'.

During a pause, just be aware of your feelings, thinking and your integration process. When you complete your little break or your longer vacation, write down your insights.


  • In what reactive stressful situations can you call for a pause?
  • Book proactive pauses such as coffee breaks, meal breaks, an hour or day off, etc. in your calendar.



"The time to relax is when you don't have time for it." - Sidney J. Harris

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