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Depression Symptoms - A List of Choices

A sense of emptiness
Anxiety that persists
Becoming emotional or upset often for no particular reason
Being tearful frequently
Decrease or increase in appetite
Decreased attention, inability to concentrate
Diminished interests
Disrupted sleep
Doing less of what you used to enjoy
Emotional withdrawal
Exhaustion on waking
Fear of being left alone
Feeling a burden to others
Feeling desperate
Feeling dragged down
Feeling hopeless
Feeling inadequate
Feeling lonely
Feeling miserable and sad
Feeling that life has/is 'passing you by'
Feeling that life is unfair
Feeling that life isn’t worth living
Feeling worthless
Feelings of guilt or self-criticism
Inability to experience pleasure
Inability to see the future

Inability to think clearly
Incessant worrying
Increased isolation
Inexplicable crying spells
Insomnia or excessive sleeping
Intrusive upsetting thoughts
Lack of confidence
Lack of sexual desire
Lack of will power
Low self-esteem
Ongoing fatigue or loss of energy
Overwhelm -- even the smallest tasks seem impossible
Physical aches and pains which appear to have no physical cause
Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide
Shortness of temper, irritability
Significantly depressed mood or general absence of mood
Social activity feels hard or impossible.
Substantial change in appetite, eating patterns or weight
Tendency to blame oneself
Withdrawal from seeing people

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