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Universal Law #4

Universal Law of Correspondences, Rhythm and Cycles

Learn to Dance in the Circle of Life
Towards Your Authentic Transformation

universal laws

If you haven't found your rhythm yet to naturally glide through life and join this generous circle of abundance and progressive growth, it's your turn to listen closely to the empowering message of the 4th Universal Law.

Higher Awareness brings you another powerful life-changing message from the Universal Laws Series to aid you in your journey towards your authentic transformation. The 4th law in the series empowers you to:

  • Be an active listener of the Universe in you and in others
  • Interpret vibrations you pick up
  • Appreciate the consistent, evolving, life energy patterns
  • Focus your positive inner work
  • Authentically transform from the inside out

"As above, so below; As below, so above." Everything on the physical plane has a corresponding principle out there in the universe. Energy, Light, Vibration and Motion all have their corresponding principles.

Understand the rhythm of life.
Everything is energy vibrating at different speed or frequency. Everything has its rhythm and all has order. If we are to picture this natural rhythm of life, it is rather spiral than linear; hence, this circle of evolving life. Cycles that restart in days, months, years and even eons. Cycles that overlap, cusp and integrate with adjacent cycles. The world is continuously fresh with new supportive energies.

Are you downward spiraling into more deeply entrenched negative cycles or are you upward spiraling toward more loving, wiser, unifying, positive cycles?

     ✔  Spiral upward!
     ✔  Know more how cycles interact so you can naturally be in a flow handling the ups and downs of life.

Join our circle at Higher Awareness as we share more truisms to be integrated into your life.

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