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Artwork - Journaling Tool

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

"What is art but a way of seeing?" - Thomas Berger

We don't have to journal with words alone. Explore using colours, drawings and pictures. Art forms and colour activate the right brain and inner imagery. Pose a question and allow your imagination to bring up images. Then play with bringing those images into form using coloured crayons, pencils or paints. Be kind to yourself and release any need for perfection. Can you get a sense of a flow of images and feelings? Take your awareness to a new level as you play with colour, shape and form.

If preparing your own artwork is too intimidating, explore making collages using pictures from magazines and whatever other materials catch your imagination.

When you are complete, review your artwork and what it means to you, then use words to express your insights in your journal.


Getting started:

  • Use artwork to help you choose between two different alternatives. Reflect on option 1. Think about it in detail. Assume it is your choice. Then draw whatever picture comes to mind. Follow the same process for option 2. When you have completed both pieces, review them and write a summary. Your preference is often obvious. If it's not, do a third drawing for your ideal solution and then notice any similarities between your ideal and the other two alternatives.

Go deeper:

  • Draw yourself and another person with whom you have a close relationship. Then journal about the differences and similarities.

Reach higher:

  • Draw a soul map. Draw an island with paths, roadways, mountains, waterways, etc. Have part of the map represent your past and the other part your future. Plot a journey across your island. Name the routes and surrounding areas appropriately for your life. Step back and look at your soul map and write a brief summary about your insights.

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