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Will Power and Courage

Any dream, vision, or journey starts with WILLPOWER - intention, commitment, courage, discipline, focus, goals, requests, asking, or prayer.

Otherwise, nothing gets started and especially completed.

If NO WILL - There is NO Soul, NO Passion

Lack courage
Get distracted
Stay stuck in mediocrity
Never reach our dreams
Never complete tasks fully
Stay reactive instead of proactive
Become a follower instead of a leader
Sabotage ourselves due to old programming.

"If you chase two rabbits,
both will escape."

Will Power Progressions
Where do you experience your level of WILL?

1. anger, revenge,
2. manipulation, arrogance
3. unwilling, controlling
4. indifferent
5. motivated, superior
6. committed, focused
7. inspired, passionate, dedicated
8. purposeful, courageous
9. goodwill
10. group will
11. God's will

"Life shrinks or expands in
proportion to your courage."
-- Anais Nin

Develop Your WILLPOWER
If Willful, we:

Are fearless and brave
Have unlimited energy
Have courage and drive
Have unbreakable confidence
Break out of our comfort zone
Are accountable and responsible
Maintain self discipline and focus
Live a life of purpose and service
Navigate our evolving edge of life.

"Where there’s a will
there's a way." - Proverb

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