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Welcome to Higher Awareness!

We are pleased to introduce ourselves to you. See below to meet John Robson and Patrice Robson.

My name is John Robson. Let me tell you a little about myself.

"For over 20 years, I have been learning and applying intuition and creativity processes in my personal and business life. I am a certified Journaling facilitator. My interest in journaling started 15 years ago when I answered 50 Smart Questions (Advanced Management Research International). This exercise changed my life by sharpening my intuitive and mental processes. Since then I have finely honed 50 Smart Questions of my own for business, personal and spiritual use. 

"All in all, I've taken over 120 personal growth programs. For many years, I have studied esoteric spirituality, which is the understanding, experience and application of universal laws and principles to practical life. I also completed a three-year soul-based counseling certification program offered by the Philosophical Counselling Institute. 

"I am deeply committed to helping people to change. I want to empower others to trust themselves and use their own natural thinking abilities so they can get out of their ruts and lead more meaningful and joyful lives. My own particular focus lies in developing our higher minds and consciousness and an extensive personal and spiritual growth tool kit that will help people find their own worth, power, purpose and joy. This is the aim of 'Higher Awareness.'

"In the more distant past, my business life involved computer design, manufacturing, marketing, sales, teaching and entrepreneurship. In that time I worked with or led over 100 teams to create, develop and market new products and services. While working with my teams, I developed an extensive 'personal growth and entrepreneur tool kit' to support others in discovering and leveraging their innate gifts and talents.

"My personal interests are cooking, nature, walking, dancing, meditating and learning.

"I believe we each have the answers to the questions of our life inside of us. We need only learn how to draw them out. Patrice and I invite you to explore what we have to offer. And we always welcome your feedback."

to email John directly.

Hello! My name is Patrice Robson.

How do I introduce myself to you? Unlike John, I don't have a lot of official credentials to convince you that I have the knowledge to support my own personal growth website.

But what I do have to offer is the wisdom arising from my experience.

Since I was a teen, I have been exploring the purpose of life - through my own lens.

Initially, I was desperately seeking reassurance and meaning for myself.

Until my mid-40's, I had no dreams, no opinions, no passion for anything. I saw myself as a shell around a dark void. Clueless about who I was, I hid behind my titles of wife, mother and Communications Officer.

I felt I was faking it, just pretending to be real. I didn't have any dreams of my own, so I poured all my energy into the dreams of others.

Then I hit rock bottom. In my early 40s, just through a divorce, in a difficult new relationship and with an unexpected baby, I had no option: get help!

A great therapist helped me begin to get in touch with my own needs. Since then, a wide range of counsellors and spiritual teachers have pointed the way to freedom.

It hasn't been easy, searching that black void inside with my tiny flashlight for clues about who I am. But the rewards! I'm not pretending to be real any longer - I'm really there!

In 1998, with two other women, I launched the 'word of heart' newsletter that provided a forum for people to share their stories. Over time, this evolved into my 'hobby' website, women at heart.

That same year, I met John, who shares my passion for personal and spiritual growth. John became not only my business partner as we launched Higher Awareness, but my life partner as well. :)

Then, in 2009, I discovered the teachings of Jeddah Mali. Jeddah's Model of Existence and her guided meditations teach how to navigate our own experience to realize our own divine truth.

Thanks to Jeddah, I am proving for myself the power of present moment awareness to continually transform my experience of life.

I know, with utter certainty, that each of us has every quality we could ever want within us already. By opening the eyes of consciousness, we see through what's not true and our inner treasures reveal themselves.

Please join me on this enlightening path! No more seeking after greener pastures elsewhere. Together, let's find our way home to the beauty of who we already are.

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