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(updated May 5, 2009)

May 5, 2009 (When you join Higher Awareness all links become activated)

  • Life Pyramid - Connect the higher mind and concepts with the lower mind.
  • Many site upgrades and navigation reorganization were completed.

Previous updates and announcements:

  • Building Self Trust – Stop and pay attention and tune in.
  • Shifting Perspectives – Parts make sense in the larger scheme of things.
  • Overcoming Fear - Break through what holds you back.
  • Invisible Life Force Energy - Every culture and religion has a name for this pre-manifestation, psychic energy.
  • Where am I in the movement of ...? - Gain new perspectives on changes in your life with this new journaling tool.
  • Know Yourself Worksheets - Explore in depth who you are and create your personal development plan.

  • Strategic Personal Development Life Plan Worksheet - Consolidate on one page what is important for your personal development.

  • Any time micro Re-Treat Yourself Process – Reap the benefits of awareness pauses.
  • Daily mini Re-Treat Yourself Process – Make the most starting and reviewing every day.
  • Weekly Re-Treat Yourself Process – Focus on goals, balance and peace of mind.
  • Monthly Re-Treat Yourself Process – Focus on rejuvenation and staying on purpose.
  • Quarterly/Yearly Re-Treat Yourself Process – Precious solitude to relax and reconnect with your big picture.
  • Conversation Starters and Tips - Develop confidence in connecting with others
  • Be SMART Goals - Create BEneficial, Specific, Measurable, Active, Rewarding, Timely goals
  • Hot List - Keep handy your list of most important topics for journaling
  • 10 Tips for Improving Communication – Have more fun and confidence connecting with others
  • 10 Tools to Improve Communication Skills – Experience more depth, intimacy and joy
  • Making Guilt Work for Me Article - How I learned from guilt
  • Exploring Guilt Questions - Questions to help overcome guilt
  • Guilt Quotes and Tips - Freedom from guilt. Lighten your load.
  • Know Yourself workbook - Find out "Who Am I?" as a personality
  • Emotional Distinctions list ­ Explore your emotional character and style
  • Physical Distinctions list ­ Get better acquainted with your body type
  • Be SMART Goals on One Page - Create Specific, Measurable, Active, Rewarding, Timely, Beneficial goals

  • Journal Types List - What types of journaling would benefit you the most?

  • Balance on One Page - Maintain balance in all areas of your life
  • Focus/Hot List on One Page - Keep the bigger picture and your To Do list in perspective
  • Rituals List - Create your own personal rituals to create sacred space
  • The Circle of Life Covers Two Paths Article - Have you reached the Magic Point on the circle of life?

  • Setting Up A Journal Article - Find the ways that work best for you.
  • Passport on One Page - Keep track of our recommended pathway to personal growth.
  • Tracking Insights - Capture insights and what is important to you daily.
  • Empowerment Is ... List – What is it? Choose from the many ways to empower yourself and others.

  • Empowering Questions – Inspirational Smart Questions to empower yourself and others.

  • Build Healthier Relationships Smart Question Coaching Emails – Explore your role in the dynamics of connecting with the important people in your life. Discover how you can find more satisfaction and fulfillment with others. Receive 20 emails over 40 days.

  • Challenged by Your Relationships? Good! - See how your soul is the underlying guide to all relationships.
  • Motivation Process on One Page - Tap into and maintain your natural power and passion.  
  • Journaling for Self Discovery - Unleash the power of your heart and mind.
  • Why Journaling Works - Understand how your mind works
  • Experiencing challenges? Article - Learn why you’re attracting them!
  • Top down, bottom up connections Tool – Ground the abstract and find purpose and meaning in the details.
  • Ego is List - How does your ego control you?
  • Back by popular demand! Higher Awareness has gone back to being a membership site. PLUS we have merged ALL materials of ALL products from our Journaling Tools and Smart Question Coaching websites into this site. Now you have hundreds of resources, programs and tools to support your growth and life journey -- for only $19/month! (Only the Journaling Facilitator Training Program is excluded from membership access.)

  • Higher Awareness Affiliate program has been upgraded! It now offers residual monthly 30% commission as your referrals renew their monthly memberships. Sign up to our Free Residual Affiliate Program.

  • 75 resource lists now include these four new lists:
        o Triggers for Awareness - Select from many ways to be conscious and aware.
        o Manifesting Tips - Align with co-creative forces to bring your visions to life.
        o What’s my Intention? - When you stop and think, what is your intention?
        o Niches for Facilitators - Identify your best way to support others.

  • Our 3 money, prosperity and abundance programs have been enhanced and consolidated into ONE PROSPERITY CONSCIOUSNESS WORKBOOK and one series of support emails over 90 days. This improved format makes it easy to progress through different levels of money consciousness to experience wealth in all aspects of your life.


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