Every day I tune into my soul and the universe and ask “What is my message to my readers, members and humanity?”
Below are my top 11 messages that consistently rise to the surface and are in most of our programs at Higher Awareness:

  1. Resolve to Evolve – Make a sincere commitment to heal and grow and be who you were meant to be.
  2. Align with Universal Laws – Understand how life works and life unfolds much easier. Better to align with and go with the flow instead of unconsciously going against it.
  3. Develop Daily Discipline – Daily enhance your health, clarity, compassion, connections and calling. Have a sacred space or time to pursue your personal practices.
  4. Dare to be Aware – Be conscious of what is happening around and in you. Develop Higher Awareness. Stop more often and pay attention. Be an observer and watch how you respond to life’s daily triggers.
  5. Reveal and Heal – Identify and clear the 100’s of blocks and limiting beliefs you have. No wonder life does not unfold as you desire.
  6. Know your Challenges, Character and Calling (soul) – They are all interconnected. Identify and resolve your main life lesson. Clear your limitations and build character so you can more easily respond to your higher calling.
  7. Aspire Higher and Dig Deeper – Multiple insights await as you work on both of these paths. But the most the important path is digging deeper and clearing the distortions and filters of higher guidance.
  8. Think It and Ink It – Just Journal. If it is in sight, it is in mind. Draw out your pains and wisdom so you can see them and respond to them.
  9. Do different things. Do things differently – Break robotic patterns. Create an inner, more expansive web of experiences and perspectives.
  10. Ask! Ask ! Ask! and Listen and Act. – intuit and DO IT! Guidance, intuition and answers are always available. Master asking, listening and appropriately responding.
  11. Pursue Passion, Potentials and Purpose – You are here for a reason. Find it and live it and make your life magical!

What are your core messages to humanity?