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Create depth, discipline and perspectives with insightful Smart Questions and Email Programs

  • Email programs descriptions: (All programs available to members)

    •   A Journey of Self Awareness - Awaken to new dimensions of who you are! This inspirational email series will help you go beyond your self-imposed limits to access more choice and freedom. Some of the topics covered include breathing, senses, fear, motives, projections, intuition, trust and communication. A total of 30 emails, 5/week.

    • Activating Joy, Love and Happiness - Experience ways to go beyond conditional happiness into joy. In emails every 2 days for 6 weeks, we'll offer you:

      • The definition of joy and how it differs from ordinary happiness

      • The many benefits of joy and love

      • Three reminders to use hourly

      • The 'Sweet 16' Joy Activators with exercises to help you connect with your own joy and happiness.

      • Lots of inspirational quotes for ongoing support.


    • Meditation Techniques - Explore different meditation techniques in our basic and advanced meditation series:

      • The Foundation: Step by step, our basic meditation techniques program will guide you through the fundamentals to calm and focus the mind. With different exercises each week, you will gradually experience new levels of relaxation, focus and concentration. Two emails/week for 3 months.

      • Paths to Illumination: If you already have an established meditation practice, you'll want to explore our advanced meditation series. Explore beyond visualization into imagination, contemplation, illumination and connection with the Universal. Two emails/week for 3 months.

      • Not based on any religion or culture, these introductory programs will give you a foundation for a life-long exploration of expanded realms of consciousness.


    • Daily Spiritual Living - This email program will:

      • help you understand and bridge the dualities of life - the positives and negatives, the higher road and the lower road.

      • describe both personality and soul and how to bring them together in full, genuine expression.

      • support you in grounding spirituality in your everyday living.

      • awaken you to your authentic self.

      • open the door to new levels of freedom, power and contentment.

      • Receive a thought-provoking and inspirational email every 2 days over 2 months.

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Smart Questions - a new and exciting concept in awareness and growth!

  • Daily questions and tips meet your needs because they draw out your answers and your answers create change.
  • They're powerful! Questions take us to new frontiers of awareness and understanding.
  • They're efficient and quick. Take only minutes each day to read our inspirational quotes, review our tip and answer our question.

'Smart Question of the day' ...

  • Daily emails in your inbox make it easy to maintain the discipline needed to change.
  • Our 'Smart Questions of the day' get to the heart of what's needed to live with purpose and passion. They challenge your assumptions, catch your blind spots, stretch your thinking, develop your imagination and help keep you balanced and on track.

Why do questions help us get more out of life?

Meaningful questions mobilize the immense power of your subconscious mind. When you ask a question, your subconscious always answers it. And it draws from unlimited resources and wisdom not directly available to your conscious mind.

Questions focus our thinking. Open ended questions challenge us to discover what might be. They lead us into new territory, rich with potential. They will lead you to the treasure house of wisdom inside you.

Want to clear problems in your life? Want to glimpse and then develop your potential? Grow yourself with our expansive, empowering questions.

Einstein said "The thinking that got you into a situation cannot get you out of it." You need a new source of stimulation - from outside of yourself.

Such power in such a small package!

Each personalized Smart Question of the day email contains:

  • A unique and thought-provoking quotation that starts you thinking.
  • A smart question to draw out your own inner wisdom.
  • A tip that adds perspective and understanding.
  • A second inspirational quotation for further reflection.
  • No advertising!

Watch for regular additions to this list. As a  Higher Awareness member, access this complete list of Smart Question Email Series and Email Programs, PLUS hundreds of other personal growth  resources.

Smart Question Coaching Series descriptions: (All programs available to members)

  • Build Healthier Relationships Smart Question Coaching Emails Explore your role in the dynamics of connecting with the important people in your life. Discover how you can find more satisfaction and fulfillment with others. Receive 20 emails over 40 days.
  • Get Control - Clarify your goals and manage your minutes. Stay on top of what is important to you. Become more effective and efficient. Spark your motivation. Overcome procrastination.
  • Tame Emotions - Break through what holds you back. Become more conscious of the unconscious programs that cause pain. Reduce resistance, anxiety, stress and worry. Attain new levels of self-acceptance and personal responsibility as you connect with your authentic self.
  • Develop the Mind - Become more aware of how your mind creates your reality. Expand your creativity. Open the door to higher intuition and inner motivation. Be inspired to be all you can be.
  • Open to the Divine - Practice daily spiritual living. Connect with your own divinity. Explore your life purpose. Trust your intuition.
  • Manifest Prosperity - Explore your relationship with money. Build a foundation for increasing your self worth and net worth.  Explore your (un)prosperity thinking and how and what you magnetize  to you.
  • Maintain Balance - Receive a mix of the above themes.

 We highly recommend that you do a maximum of 2 themes at one time for the greatest effectiveness.  You will receive 5 emails per week.

To receive this resource and hundreds of others for one price!

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