Your Life Planning MAP

Supported by Higher Awareness’ Best of 20 Years of Programs

All on One Page – Planner, Roadmap and Checklist to Your Remarkably Inspiring Journey

Supported by Higher Awareness’ Best of 20 Years of Programs


New Ways and New Tools for the New Times

Calling wanderers, truth-seekers, soul-searchers, dreamers, trekkers, and people who are compelled to live meaningful lives! 

We know you are not here to simply live day by day, but to LIVE INSPIRED. 

You want a fulfilled, abundant and healthy life. 

BUT if you do not have a plan, you may just be part of someone else’s plan.

Have the FREEDOM to lead your own journey and adventure. Create your own odyssey. Masterfully design your life in One Page.

  • Reinforce your foundation, 
  • Plan your steps wisely with higher guidance, 
  • Track your growth with your checklist
  • Add your own growth and empowerment projects as you evolve. 
  • And visually create your own roadmap to success and fulfillment.

Make sense of your life. Know how you fit in. Have a clear next growth step, where you will never have to feel lost. This is your compass, rudder and healer all in one page, your “GO TO” growth chart, your ultimate Blueprint of an ever evolving journey to an authentically fulfilled life. 

Download and print your Life Planning MAP now.
Plus we will send you a monthly reminder and tips to update and refocus as you evolve in your journey.

Live FREE. Live INSPIRED. And see you at the TOP.