model of life

Unleash the Power of your Consciousness With This Simple Perspective

Do you feel stuck, uncreative, encountering roadblocks, fearful, lacking in confidence or scared of making a wrong turn? Maybe it’s time to pause for a new perspective. 

The Models of Life Series presents a new model of a refreshing, simplified outlook on how we understand life. The ‘A’ Model of Life takes you on a journey to navigate through the workings of your own mind.

Your thoughts are many times more powerful than your worst enemy to date – who’s no other than YOURSELF.

  • Know yourself better
  • Go deeper into your thoughts
  • Discover the hidden places where your enemy lurks from within
  • Face your worst and discover the BEST in you
  • Reveal and heal your self-sabotaging behaviours
  • Access your unlimited potentials

What’s stopping you? Be unstoppable. How? Navigate through the different levels of your consciousness with the ‘A’ Model of Life as it provides you:

  • A simple visual framework of the different levels of your consciousness
  • A good visual and simple explanation of how the 3 levels interact
  • And easy to grasp concepts on how they create major impact in your daily life.

It’s easy to imagine and you can do it right now. Your “aha!” moment will follow shortly. Try this.

  1. Draw a large capital ‘A’ on a piece of paper. Stretch the 2 legs of the ‘A’ to the bottom of the page.
  2. Put a dot on the top point of the ‘A’ and label it CONSCIOUS mind.  This tiny dot represents all that we are consciously aware of.
  3. Label the area between the top point and the cross bar in the ‘A’ as SUBCONSCIOUS. Your subconscious includes all programmed habits, beliefs (cultural, religious, self, etc.), repressed emotions, defenses, illusions, cravings and unresolved issues of family and the past. See the model for more ways you distort and block truth.
  4. Label the large area below the cross bar in the ‘A’ as SUPERCONSCIOUS. Your superconscious represents God, intuition, soul potentials, purpose and destiny, pre-manifestation energies, mass consciousness, archetypes, natural laws, astrological influences, etc. This force is many times (possibly infinitely) larger than the subconscious mind.
  5. Now the most important point. The goodness of the super conscious must go THROUGH  the subconscious mind. So a high priority is healing our subconscious blocks so we experience directly a better life.

To understand how this works best for you and how you can leverage from this simple life perspective, Click here for more of the ‘A’ Model of Life.

Dare to uncover the real power inside your thoughts. Free yourself from what’s stopping you. Become who you aspire to be. Close the gaps, connect together the missing pieces, know yourself better and lead an authentic life of infinite possibilities.