A Powerful Big Picture of Your Life Journey

Our journey through life is not only to be travelled in full but also to be experienced in full. “Live life to the fullest”…it’s an easy adage to remember but do we not forget this as we live day by day?

Awaken to how you travel life in full circle. Enrich your experience with a raised consciousness. Understand the circle of life in full. Illuminate your life path. Demystify the mysteries. Clear away clouds and haze along the way of your understanding of this circle called life.

As part of the Models of Life Series comes this beautiful ‘O’ Model of Life – an insightful illustration of the cycle of life in a plain simple visual picture. Click here to view the ‘O’ Model of Life.

This model creatively explains life in different stages and levels of learning. The ‘O’ Model does these for you in a seamless coherent big picture of life:

  • Retrace from the beginning and draw a clear picture of each stage we go through in life.
  • Track how we learnt, and how we may learn better.
  • Define our life journey with clarity: know where you’ve been and know where you’re going
  • Find your authentic self and potent truths along the way
  • Understand how you are unconsciously programmed with limiting beliefs
  • And how to unlearn your past programming into a new perspective that works toward your dreams.
  • See life differently with a renewed inspiration, elevated consciousness and clarity of life trajectory.

Understand life coherently and past events that lead you here. Understand where it falters and where you need to reinforce your thoughts. Focus on building your momentum from where you need to relearn and find possibilities where you thought were a dead end. For Life is a CIRCLE. There’s no such thing as a road end. Only a new challenge to take on a new inspiring route to continue the cycle and spiral up to a new perfect circle. Your life is AMAZING and you belong perfectly in this circle of life.

Are you ready for a full circle journey? Check out the O’ Model of Life now. And if you find that you need more focused support on dealing with your roadblocks, past programming and limiting beliefs to get you on your way to living life to the fullest, see other Models of Life here towards your complete healing.