Loose Yourself in the right direction

Your Answers are in our Needs Tree

Ever wanted to own your own crystal ball? Ever wanted an all-knowing coach? Or maybe even a toolbox that can fix anything. These things have always been on my list and because I could not find them I created them over the last 30 years.

I wanted to be authentic and do my own healing. I wanted to build more character and pursue freedom and my dreams. I wanted to lead a life of purpose, meaning, contribution and fulfillment. So I just created my own ‘New Ways of Thinking and Being’ and finding my own answers. And after lots of trying OTHER’S advice and tools I shifted my focus to finding answers using my own unique ways that worked for me.

As a result I’ve created a NEEDS TREE. It is a list of the best choices, journal writing tools, quotes, worksheets, and smart questions that I can ask myself.

And as a result of leading over 100 teams, I learned early on to have a good sense of  other people’s personality styles. So I created my Needs Tree that would also work for others and their unique ways. 

One thing I realized as I was creating this massive toolbox, the questions that would naturally come to me were often the right questions for me at that time. Because questions that come us are often our intuition knocking at our door.

Here is an example of how I recently used my Needs Tree! 

I am always working on my own Higher Awareness – especially my intuition. As I looked on my Needs Tree under the topic of Awareness, there is a list of about 20 different tools, activities, worksheets, etc. The one that jumped out at me was ‘Early Warning Signals’. And when I clicked on it and saw many types of early warning signals  – two resonated with me – stress and disorder (doing too much as I just hired a few staff). So I would put these actions on my To Do list so I  would focus on them during the week.

Check out my Needs Tree for over 50 major personal needs, which refer to about 400 resources listing multi-thousands of choices, ideas and answers. As a member of Higher Awareness all links are activated.

So what needs or questions are coming to you? In what areas do you need healing, answers, ideas, direction, clarity, connection, personal power, etc. Take a minute right now and scan the our Needs Tree List and resonate with where you need support and tools right now.