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How to Energize Life with a Powerful Coffee Break Boost

“A great man on his way to his epic journey takes his time to sit back and enjoy his coffee.” One thing that makes all the difference is how you spend this lovely time for yourself. Do you savor the warmth and the aroma of your coffee? Or take in the scenery? Or enjoy the ambient sound of your favorite coffee shop? If you do any of this, and it’s time to remind yourself to do this, do you know you can take this seemingly ordinary experience to a new level of self-discovery?

When you find time for your ‘me time’, you put yourself in a great position to create your most powerful minutes of your day. And can you believe it? While relaxing? It’s because during these times that our brain is in its most efficient capacity to allow more room for answers and new insights. Make the most of this ‘awakening’ time to make great of your ordinary. 

 I want to share with you an enjoyable way to trigger your most empowering 10 or more minutes of your day. You can start with 5 minutes. But be warned that you will find that coffee never tastes this good when you have created this ritual and realize how this benefits you in your life journey. Soon, you will find more time for coffee breaks as you power through life.

How to Trigger Your Most Empowering Time of the Day with a 10 minute Coffee Break

1. Create your own coffee ritual. The first step is to find time to take a break. No matter how busy you are, spare time to pause. Just a few minutes out of 1,440 minutes of your 24 hour day for yourself. Select the best time and place, something you’ll look forward to each day. 

2. Enjoy. This is the easiest part, but actually requires ‘will’ and commitment to truly enjoy simple things in life. When you enjoy something, you open yourself to discovering the ‘good’ even in little things. In this manner, when you enjoy, you enter a level of awareness to what’s good around you and within you.

3. Ask the right questions at the right time. Now, this needs some skill, skill you can master over time. How do you know the right questions? When is the right time?

Just ask. Questions are powerful. They draw out answers from our intuitive mind. Trust your intuition. Click on this link for our List of Questions and see what resonates most. There are many categories to choose from. Try one or few or each of them that feels right for you. Let the answers inside you attract the right questions, and draw more meaning out of life with the perfect combo.

Coming soon is our COFFEE Questions Series designed to guide us in asking questions from different levels, perspective, scope and flavors with a fresh brew of FREE worksheets. We are currently innovating to help you perfect your coffee and life journey experience.

4. Elevate to different levels of discoveries. Questions are created to take you to new levels. Progressively deeper questions draw out progressively insightful answers. In some cases, you might find yourself unable to answer them, but once the seed is sown believe that it will grow at the right time.


All the answers you need are already within you. Gradually find your access to vast inner wisdom with the right questions. Watch yourself grow, appreciate how you grow, and amaze yourself how you flow through life. You could be just a few more questions away from living your ideal life. Find focus, keep on track, discover new ways, discern and listen to the truth within and let that guide you to the journey ahead. Learn to take a break and ask the right questions to energize and empower your every day, every stage and every level of your amazing life journey.