Life Changes

What You Need to Know Before Your Life Changes

Many of us miss out time and time again on an opportunity to transform our lives, to live the kind of life we can only dream of. Why? It happens every time and it happens to most of us. Yet the answers seem uncommon and we rarely talk about it. It’s just complicated, or is it?

Sometimes the smallest easiest step is the hardest. And a single simple truth bears heaviest and deepest in our core. We are afraid to step up to the plate. But what’s stopping us really?

Stuck in Mediocrity? The True Enemy of Change Today

These days are different. We have access to vast knowledge and information. So if you want to venture into a new business, visit a foreign country, or even go visit a remote scenic spot – you will find information about it. Thanks to the internet and thanks to people, who are like you, have access to this information and can now easily share what they know.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to try things for yourself. Saves you a lot of time going to that newly opened restaurant, because you’ve already read a review. Or on the opposite, gave you the best culinary experience of your life because someone recommended the best dish to try, the best place to stay, the most helpful advice they ever got, the most efficient ways, and all the how to’s. You name it. This also gives us the audacity to try something new.

But why not go for IT? Go for that BIG change. What’s really stopping you?

The real enemy of transformation remains hidden. Yet it’s so simple.

But first we must identify what it is not, before understanding what it is. It’s the face of the real archenemy of our modern times that prevents us to take the first step to take control of our lives.

The enemy is NOT the difficulty of the task.

No matter how easy and uncomplicated the first step, the things we have to do, some people are afraid to dive in and so simply dismiss the chance of a lifetime. 

Surprisingly, most of these people who miss out are not the ones who are afraid to struggle. Most have gone through challenges, frustrations and difficulties. And they knew there’s a life better than the life they are trying to get by. They knew that beyond that office cubicle and paper works, that sought-after promotion, and that usual retirement plan – there’s a childhood dream inside their closet at home that’s collecting dust. And that very thing means the world to them.

It’s always difficult in the beginning, that’s true. But most times, the difficulty is not the process or what needs to be done. As in most of the life-changing lessons you will find in the website which starts with easy steps.

The real difficulty that people of today face is trusting and believing that it CAN be done.

We’d like to assume that these challenging times have taught us to be a realistic generation. The more we age, the more we perfectly know how to tell fact vs fiction, adulthood vs childishness, and reality vs dreams. If you find these things easily as two opposing sides of the spectrum, I’d have to agree except for one.

It is NOT the lack of the Logical that stops us from living the life of our dreams but the lack of Magic.

Reality Vs. Magic

It’s popular knowledge, isn’t it. Reality and dreams are two different things. Society tells us to know the difference. Or else we’ll get that hard jolt of reality to wake us up from dreaming. So, we get no sleep, we stay up late because we hang on to this reality, where sadly some still find themselves unhappy.

Look around you. This is reality, correct? It’s what you can perceive and everybody else can see. We were told to stay objective and logical to thrive into this modern world. We got no time for menial things. We think big, we stay objective. And in this way, often we lose the balance and lose the magic. So, we look at little children and feel bitter-sweet. We say, “If I hadn’t known what I knew now, I’d be naively happiest just like them.”

Reality is easy to acknowledge and believe because others see it too. We mainly confer to society, what other people will say. We often use this generic lens to confirm reality. Reality that has its own limits, limited to common eyesight. Limited to what others can perceive.

There are things yet to be seen and there are things that can only be seen from the inside. There are truths inside us that are sometimes too afraid to surface, too limited by doubts, fear of rejection and the lack of confirmation from others. But what if we look at this world through a different lens, that one of our own.

With our innermost sight, we would find that there’s an infinity of truths hidden beyond the covers of our doubts. That there’s vastness beyond the limits of what we perceive as reality.

We are source. We would find that in REALITY, we are limitless beyond what we think we already know now.

The key to unlock our inner sight is AWARENESS.

If we see our lives this way, we can look at our reality differently, as not the complete opposite but one that bears similarities to the magic in us. Where in both, everything is possible, where more is yet to be known and yet we trust the beauty of the unknown. We develop greater sense and trust in the universe and open up to greater things.

Reality and Dreams work their own dynamics in our lives and both are vital to the equilibrium. This way they are not opposing forces but two complementing forces that work together to bare the entirety of our truths.


The first step is not always easy, because learning to live is also learning from this world the uttermost things that limit us from being aware of the things we do not know yet. This is our limiting beliefs, ideologies, the ego that tips us out of a balanced life. If we are to experience life to the fullest, we must regain this balance and believe in both forces that makes us who we truly are.

We are Real and we are Magic.

Believing is the first step.

It’s the time when you jump in to the chance of making that big shift in your life. We are from a challenged but thriving generation and challenges are part of our daily lives. Our real enemies are those lurking in the shadows of our psyche and our subconscious: doubts, fears, self-sabotaging habits and limiting beliefs.

We must acknowledge them by being aware they exist and tend to them as we grow towards higher awareness and manifesting our dreams (magic) in one with our reality.

BUT FIRST, we must believe and trust the process. The unknown will be known, secrets revealed, all truths will come out and we should learn to appreciate the beauty of it.

Just make that first step and the Truth, yours and the Universe, shall guide you.

Awaken your AWARENESS, trust the beauty of the process, begin easy steps as you grow a strong foundation. And believe it can be done.

To your beautiful life transformation this year, we cheer you on because we believe.