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Whatever your need, we have hundreds of personal growth tools to support you - workbooks, "How To" one page worksheets, email programs, journaling tools, smart questions, inspiration, articles and more.

Higher Awareness is a membership site. As a member you'll get full access to everything the site offers. No extra charges. This is your gateway to self-discovery, personal growth and empowerment!

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1. KNOW Yourself

 Explore in depth who you are and create your personal development plan

The more you know the specifics of who you are, the more you grow in character and fulfillment. Explore key aspects of your nature and behaviour. Get a bigger, clearer picture of who you are and what you want. Out of this comes your Personal Development Plan and your short term goals.

2. GROW Yourself

Within the framework of your Personal Development Plan, choose from workbooks, worksheets, email programs and resources to focus your attention:

Self control:

Emotional development:

Mind development:

Spiritual development:

Other Programs:

We offer a Know and Growth Yourself Passport as your personal development plan to keep track of your pathways to personal growth.

3. Have specific and immediate needs?

Find what you need quickly and easily with:

We offer a wide selection of personal development and self improvement tools to support all of your needs.

Please join us! Membership is only $19/month ... or less! For great savings join us for one full year to support lasting change.

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Find what's best for you!

We each walk our own paths in life, and so we need to stop looking to others for help. We need to begin to trust ourselves for guidance. Draw out your own inner wisdom with our personal development tools and tips.

We're committed to you!

We know the value of doing inner work for self growth. To support you in being your best, we are committed to bringing you quality personal development tools and guidance. Go deeper... Reach higher... you'll never look back!

And we stand behind our quality. Find value in our products or we'll refund your last payment -- guaranteed!

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John and Patrice Robson

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January 21, 2008 (When you join Higher Awareness all links become activated)
As we are small business owners, we are proud to support independent low-income entrepreneurs in developing countries through Kiva.org. We contribute 5% of our monthly revenue to loans that change lives. We invite you to do the same. Make a small loan; Make a big difference at Kiva.org - http://www.kiva.org/

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