2012 –The Year of Spiritual Awakening

Align with the energies of the Divine Plan for humanity. This is a time of great change!

We are living in a time unprecedented in human history. The powerful energies of a new millennium, century and soul cycle are supporting the spiritual awakening of humanity.

These powerful forces urge us to make radical changes to speed us along the evolutionary journey to enlightenment. And if we understand the energies of the Divine Plan, we can better align with them.

Change through choice or crisis

The soul consciousness of humanity is beginning to emerge. The light of the soul is leading us into a completely new experience and state of wholeness.

If we are sufficiently soul centered, we manage our lives through choice based on knowledge. Or if the soul is not yet awakened, we do it through crisis.

This is a time to deal karmically with the past and re-orient our thinking so we can live in new and more harmonious ways in the future. This is a time to take responsibility, as humanity, for how we live on this planet and how we relate to one another.

Why understand the bigger picture of life?

When we know where we are going, we can make adequate preparations for our journey.

When we sense what will be needed in the future, we can be pro-active in setting a course of action and events that will be supported by the universe.

If we don’t know what lies beyond today, we can only react to what comes along, thereby giving up our ability to co-create a better world. Reacting is avoiding responsibility. And without responsibility we are operating without soul.

If we work with the energies at hand, there is nothing we cannot have which we need. There’s nothing we cannot do which needs to be done. There’s nothing we cannot know which needs to be known. And there’s nothing we cannot love which needs to be loved.

A Handbook for the Ages

This e-book clarifies the big picture of the impact of past and future energies. We can look back at the past 1000 years and the past century and ahead to the next 1000 years and century. Within this context, we can understand and work with the particular challenges and opportunities that present themselves 2012.

We need to understand these energies if we are to live life more fully at a soul level of consciousness. Clarify your next steps on your soul journey.

This is one book of 14 books about the soul that are offered at soul-books.com

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