Experience your highest awareness

“Each one of us has that capacity to move from a limited and confining sense of identification to an expanded sense of awareness. That is what we mean by transformation.”
~ James O’Dea ~


There are many different levels of awareness.

  • You can be aware of your senses and sensations, body, physical pain and vulnerabilities.
  • You can be aware of your emotions and feelings like blame, guilt, fears, anxiety, peace and joy.
  • You can be aware of your thoughts, ideas, beliefs and attitudes.
  • You can be aware of inner guidance, insights, intuition, higher calling and life purpose.
  • And there is one ultimate level — that of highest awareness!

Today more and more people are touching this ultimate level of pure consciousness. More training programs are now available to facilitate this. We are evolving and increasingly open to experiencing states of expanded consciousness.

We can get a conceptual glimpse of this highest state from teachings from the Masters. We’re told we can experience a state of no time, no space, no wanting, no separation — the infinite Oneness. In this state where there is no beginning or end and no relativity, there is pure potential and pure freedom. There is only ‘I AM’.

Obviously, experiencing pure awareness is no easy feat. We must move beyond collective and cultural conditioning, insecurities and mental structures that restrict and filter our perceptions. The move to higher consciousness requires us to completely relinquish our personal identity, to let go of our everyday mind and totally surrender our understanding of life as we know it. It takes deep, deep trust to allow ourselves to open to experience the oneness, allness, beingness — the womb of creation.

As we experience the infinite, we tend to commit more deeply to each of life’s moment with purpose. We can begin by creating greater contexts of being for ourselves. We can be more willing to be in silence and stillness. Next time you meditate, set an intention to open to new dimensions of your being. Set an intention to open more fully to higher truths.

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear – as it is, infinite.”
~ William Blake ~

“Enlightenment is a journey of no distance, to a destination you never left.”
~ Source Unknown ~

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