4 Signs You Should Quit Your Job & Find Your Real Life Purpose

4 Signs You Should Quit Your Job & Find Your Real Life Purpose

Sometimes we are thrown into a job that we don’t necessarily want in order to survive. A lot of us think we’ll eventually leave this role and pursue our goals. However, oftentimes people find themselves staying out of fear of change. We’ve found these subtle signs of job dissatisfaction from Huffington Post that you should watch out for. Once this starts to happens – it’s time re-think your life purpose.

It is essential to be proactive and recognize these cues in order to begin taking the necessary steps to move in the direction of more suitable, satisfying, and meaningful work.

When we find ourselves browsing Facebook, taking online quizzes and chit-chatting with co-workers more than usual, it is possible that we are bored with our work. Boredom generally does not improve but tends to get worse as time goes by.

When we put off doing tasks until tomorrow or next week, we are unconsciously avoiding them, hoping they will go away. Unfortunately, they do not go away but instead begin to pile up and become unmanageable.

The phone ringing, extraneous noises, or delicious smells coming from the break room can cause us to lose focus on our work. Sometimes distractions may show up in the form of daydreaming or obsessing about a problem at home. Losing focus easily is a clue that something may be missing and we need a greater sense of fulfillment.

Arriving to work late or leaving work early
The more disgruntled we become, the more we start to ignore the starting and ending times of our work day. Being on time and staying until the job is complete becomes less important to us as we become less satisfied with the work we do.

If you want to see the complete list of signs of job dissatisfaction – check out the complete article at Huffington Post.

It is never too late to become who you were meant to be! Find out your Life Purpose today!

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