5 Questions That Can Reveal Your Purpose in Life

5 Questions That Can Reveal Your Purpose in Life

One of the biggest accomplishments a person can ever have in his life is if he is able to find his life purpose and live his life fulfilling that purpose. It’s a special kind of happiness if you can wake up every day knowing that you are on your own path and that you are living the life solely intended and designed for you.

Wouldn’t you want to be able to live that life?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually have to go on a long sabbatical or retreat in order to reveal your life purpose. Sometimes all you need is some quiet time for yourself and start asking yourself the right questions. You have the answer within you, you just need to be able to consciously let it out.

If you want to start revealing your life purpose, we’ve found these sample questions from LifeHack that can help you bring out the answers.

1. Am I doing what I love?
Asking this question should pertain to your life as a whole. Do I love my family, friends, and work? Am I doing things outside of my job that I love like drawing, writing, or any creative art? If you are not doing what you love, look at why you haven’t been doing them and start incorporating them into your life.

2. Am I surrounded by people that I care about?
It’s important when looking for purpose in your life, you look at the people around you. Your friends, family, co-workers should all be people who support you in your quest to find real purpose. Not having those types of people around you could harm your progress in finding meaning. When I pursued writing, my friends and family played an important role in encouraging me to do it. Even if I didn’t think an article I wrote was good, they still knew it made me happy to write and that type of positive reinforcement does wonders.

3. Am I Happy With Where I Am?
Look at every aspect of your life. Ask if you are happy with what you have done. Are you going in the direction you want for your life. If not, what can you do to get there? It is hard not to compare our lives to our friends to measure success but try hard not to get caught up in what others have. The true measurement of happiness is are we doing what we want and being happy with the journey that lies ahead.

4. Is there more I can do?
You already know there is always more you can do. The real question lies in what can you do more of. Think of what you would want to contribute to society and what impact you want to have. There are tons of issues in our society that need people looking to make an impact. Think of what are some social issues that trigger you emotionally. Start there and find ways to get involved with organizations who focus on those social issues.

5. Do I feel satisfied?
Most of us attribute satisfaction with work or material possessions. If we don’t like our job, we are not satisfied. If we don’t have the things like a big house, nice cars, or wealth, we are quick to call ourselves failures. What we need to do is take a real look at what we define as success for our own lives rather than what others call it.

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These are sample questions that you can use as your guide on your journey finding out your purpose in life. If you want to see more sample questions, you can check out the complete article over at LifeHack.

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