A Soul Centered Approach to Problems

A most common experience we all have is something we refer to as negative. Although this varies from person to person, the negative is always life-diminishing or restrictive in some way, while the positive is life-enhancing or expansive. Through a soul-centered approach we can find meaning and purpose in the negative, thereby transforming it into a beneficial experience.

shutterstock_128056487How to approach negative issues differently than seeing them as problems or some type of possible defeat could include the following conscious choices. Perhaps the first thing to acknowledge is that accidents do not occur. There are no causeless situations or meaningless realities except in one’s own mind. Therefore there is cause and purpose in all experiences. Here are some suggested approaches to take to step into the meaning and purpose, and thereby transforming the negative.

1. When something negative occurs, see it as an opportunity to demonstrate your competence.

2. Take the issue as an opportunity to show your self confidence.

3. See the occasion as a chance to express some soul quality such as courage, creativity, perseverance, understanding, patience, love or support.

4. Learn something from the situation.

5. Accept the issue as a challenge to demonstrate that you are in charge of your life and can handle whatever comes along.

6. Recognize that the challenge is always a gift for your growth and a necessary means of manifesting part or all of your purpose in life.

7. Know that you, in your inner wisdom, have either created this opportunity or have at least attracted it so that you could develop and express what you have needed to develop or express as part of your unfolding life purpose.


Take some specific negative situations in your life that you want to transform and apply any or all of these 7 approaches to them. Work on one issue at a time until this way of dealing with your issues becomes natural for you.

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