Ask Great Questions

Questions invoke a deep response from the subconscious mind.

“The quality of one’s life is directly related to the quality of questions you ask yourself.” – Tony Robbins

Questions and statements produce different responses. Statements are a product of the left brain. They are perceived as facts. If you want more intuitive answers, creativity, healing and soul connection, then you must more actively use the right brain. And the right brain is accessed more easily with questions.

Take just one moment to do this simple exercise. Say to yourself, “I don’t have enough time to get everything done,” and experience how you feel in response to that statement. Now say to yourself, “How can I give more time to my priorities?” and again, tune in to how you feel. Compare your sense of energy and personal power and the potential for ideas from one situation to the other.

Your subconscious mind serves your conscious mind. It implements whatever directives it’s given. If you say you don’t have enough time, your subconscious will ensure that you won’t. If you ask a question, the subconscious will always answer it – you need only pay attention. The answers can be subtle and indirect, and they can come from anywhere at any time. The key is to be aware. The bigger and more complex the question, the longer the subconscious may take to respond with an answer. So turn your problems and self-talk into good questions. You may even explore stating your affirmations and goals as questions.

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