Don't get lost in your thoughts - Find it, Firm it. Farm it. Frame it

Don’t get lost in your thoughts – Find it, Firm it. Farm it. Frame it

4 years of writing down a goal, I am finally doing it now – one month of seclusion in a rustic cabin in the woods with my own  beach. I finally succeeded.

I cook outdoors on a fire pit, I share the woods with 4 shy foxes and 2 moose.  There is no TV, newspapers, commitments, interruptions…. but I do have power, my cell phone with internet service, water, a small fridge and a grocery store about 10 minutes away. Life is good – so far in the woods.

I found it much easier to commit to daily exercise, no sugars, no wheat and no dairy. My energy, body and brain were reaping benefits after just 2 days.

My meditations were deeper in the silence of dragon fly wings. The evening quietness and darkness offered up great sleeps.

The cabin is on a recognized spiritual healing lake that has a yearly healing pilgrimage for the largest aboriginal gathering in Western Canada.

And I am here to share with you my insights on thinking as it is much clearer – even in my first few days.

How do you manage the multitude of thoughts that bombard you?


Initially urges, intuition guidance, glimpses of a bigger picture tease us at subtle levels and they need closer listening as they are often unclear on their own. That is why the number one thing that must be done is write them down.


Daily review your thoughts (especially what you took time to write down) as you are now coming from a different perspective. Add to it new insights. If you sense there is something gelling or brewing or has some substance to it, reflect on it, do a dialogue with it, verbalize it, visualize it and ask it questions. Is it part of something bigger? Is it a metaphor for something else.

You have been honoured to receive some answer to your prayers or some higher guidance and you may want to take some time and make some effort to make sense of this guidance.


As it makes sense, anchor it as it is easily forgotten. Draw it, attune to it, storyboard it, power point it, say it out loud, meditate on it, ponder it, incubate it, be it…

Get a sense of what are the blocks as new ideas often come up to teach us some humility, some learning, the opposite, or a new skill or value.


Then you are ready to share it, ideally with a wise mastermind group so they can tune into it, add to it or shoot holes in it.

Depending on the type of idea or project you come up with, test the critical elements of it, Make it into a product or a concept or a real solution. Beta test it or share it with a significant group. Then upgrade it and even monetize it

And that my dear friends, is how you can make this powerful thinking process (found in my notes from 30 years ago) work for you: “Find it, Firm it. Farm it. Frame it.”

So in summary:

  1. Make time to tune into the subtleness of answers to requests, urges, calling,  glimpses, ideas, etc…
  2. Write down your experiences, sensations, thoughts, possibilities…
  3. Review it and rethink it from new perspectives.
  4. Anchor conclusions and ideas back into your subconscious mind (so it can work on it).
  5. Share it with a supportive, critique, brainstorming group.
  6. Test it and fine tune it and if you are inclined present, publish or monetize it.

Our conscious and subconscious minds are both so powerful and there are great rewards as we learn how to work with them  more effectively.

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