Go for Meaningful Communication

“We need people in our lives with whom we can be as open as possible. To have real conversation with people … involves courage and risk.”
— Thomas Moore

Virginia Satir once said that communication is the largest single factor determining the kinds of relationships we make with others and what happens to us in the world. Yet how much time and attention do we generally give to connecting honestly and effectively with the people around us?

When we are not consciously present with our thoughts and feelings, we connect with other people unconsciously, through habit. So much of what we say is nothing more than canned phrases and knee-jerk reactions that hold little of value.

Meaningful communication – both speaking and listening – requires attention and good intentions between the parties involved. We need to be fully engaged with the other person. We need to be committed to explore beneath superficial thoughts and feelings. We need to be aware of our underlying motives, manipulation and defences so we can choose to break free of them in honest, heart-felt connection.

Meaningful connection takes effort and practice. This week, we support you with different tools for cooperating and appreciating. Challenge yourself to enter into some real conversations with people you care about. Because really, relationships can’t exist apart from communication. And ideally, every conversation should matter!

Develop your relationships by strengthening your communication.

Share with us if you have an experience where your relationship improved when you strengthened your communication skills…

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