Imagination: The Key to Developing Soul Consciousness

The soul journey requires the constant use of imagination. We need to create the images of oneness and the simultaneously immanent and transcendent. It is in the imagination that we can reconcile the opposites, and bring together the formless spiritual dimensions with the form dimensions of our personality experience. We cannot do it in our rational minds, and we cannot do it in our senses. If we are to do it all, the imagination must be involved. The second vital reason for fully involving our imagination is that it is a step that precedes fuller contact with the reality. The principle involved is that what we imagine is what we experience.

Using the imagination deliberately gives us the power to create our experiences as we choose rather than having our experiences dictated by some unconscious reactions that are fear-based and defensive.

Imagination techniques are extremely valuable, if not essential, ways of accessing the unknown dimensions of one’s own being in the process of moving towards unity. The imagination is in the astral/emotional body at that precise level where three dimensions of ourselves can merge: the conscious ego, the personality subconscious and the spiritual soul. Explore all 5 spirituality e-books on imagination that map out your personal path to soul consciousness.

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