Intuition works to meet higher personal needs

by John Robson on November 12, 2013

Intuition works to meet higher personal needs

shutterstock_120991594Our level of personal fulfillment is directly related to our ability to be intuitive. Intuition requires a NAP – Need, Action and Peace of mind.

The first one is NEED. Intuition works to meet our innate needs rather than our desires and wants. We have physical needs of health, nutrition, breathing, exercise and safety. We have emotional needs of connection, intimacy, appreciation, belonging and imagination. We have mental needs of expression, perception, concentration and ethics. We have spiritual needs of expressing love, living a purpose, empowering others, service, unity, truth, beauty and goodness. Intuition works best in supporting us to meet these higher personal needs. Tune in to your intuition and unlock your inner guidance that knows the way.

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