New Ways of Journaling

R SmithWhat’s the most unforgettable experience that happened to you last year? Can you remember the details? What’s the lesson that stood out from last year’s experience? Can you vividly remember the emotions you felt during that time?

Wouldn’t it be great if you can remember your life experiences as if it were only yesterday? Vivid memories have the ability to excite our senses and allow our brains to recall all related learning with it. This detailed recall makes it easier for us to retain the life lessons that we take from your experiences.

Now you ask me, what’s the best way to relive these memories? Journaling.

As you create your Journal entry, you are already allowing your brain to make connections to these memories. You repeat the situation, the emotions, the realizations and this becomes food for your brain. You allow yourself to absorb every single sensation brought about by these realizations. It is through this act that you connect even more deeply, and in return makes it difficult for you to ever forget them.

Journaling does not necessarily have to be a pen and paper thing. There are different journaling techniques that you can apply based on what suits your lifestyle or personality. Here are a few new journaling ideas that you can play around with:

1. Photo journals – Take a picture of a scene or a thing that stuck with you for the day and say something about it. Why was it significant for you?

2. Online journals – There are now many websites that allow you to express your emotions and ideas through online journaling, writing, art, poetry or even just a blog. Not only will you be connecting with your experiences, but you are sharing it to the world as well. Who knows, you might just be the turning factor of someone’s life somewhere.

3. Phone App journals or the cloud – Almost everyone in the world now owns a cell phone or smartphone. It’s handy, convenient and we don’t leave home without it. So it’s the perfect accessory for journaling as well. You can be sitting in a bus, on your bed or having coffee. When an idea or realization strikes you, you just have to bring out your phone and text or use voice to create a journal entry about it.

Personal journaling need not be a novel type thing. It can be as easy as a paragraph or simple sentence, that deeply connects with who you are. It’s a simple habit you can do each day and at the end of the year not only do you have your memories all in one place, but you also get a hindsight of how you evolved throughout the year. And when you have that, you are helping yourself achieve your Higher Awareness.

So start the year right, get into the habit of Journaling, even if it is a few words a day.

Do you have a journal at the moment? What’s another creative way you can start journaling? Share in the comments below.

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