The TWO Energy – How to move between head and heart cycles

“In movement there is life, and in change there is power.”

Life unfolds in alternating rhythms of yin and yang, male and female, giving and receiving, action and reflection and between even and odd numbers.

The most common and natural paradigm shifts occur between these 2 types of cycles.

To explore the influence of cycles, we are following numerology’s 9 cycles in a year. The first cycle starts on January 1 with a strong male, yang, wilful, courageous, focused ONE energy that supports new beginnings.

Each cycle is 40.55 days (365 days divided by 9). There is an overlapping transition period or cusping at the end of one cycle as it moves into the next. This overlap period is about 20% of the cycle. It takes about 8 days to move from all of one cycle, to 50/50 of both cycles then into all of the next cycle.

The TWO Energy
The TWO Energy - How to move between head and heart cycles
The TWO energy (which exceeds the ONE energy influence on February 9) is a feminine, yin, loving, nurturing, intuitive, connective energy. It is a time to deeply connect with the passion, essence and altruism of the ONE’s new focus – to internalize it, feel it and anchor it emotionally.

I immerse my heart and soul into my new focus and deeply connect with it and even become it. I connect with my focus intuitively and compassionately. This gives me a deeper integration and ownership of my new ideas and heightens their attraction power.

The TWO energy is also one of cooperation and connection with others who can support me with my new focus.

How do we intentionally shift from a ONE yang energy to a TWO yin energy? Consider shifting your focus and actions from:

  • Outer to inner
  • Head to heart
  • Taking to giving
  • Assertion to attraction
  • Self to other
  • Directing to cooperation
  • Pride to gratitude
  • Competition to collaboration
  • Results to values
  • Faster to slower
  • Dynamic to calm
  • Unity to duality
  • Exclusive to inclusive

Be aware of the different experiences as you make the above shifts in perspective in empowering your focus for the new year. In another 40 days, there will be a subtle shift from inner back to an outer focus and at that time we will show you how.

~ John

“When we acknowledge with pride, our need for support, teamwork and cooperation in order to flower, that is when we start utilizing our Feminine Powers.”
— Vered (Tanmayo) Neta

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