Time to disconnect from the clock

“Today, we must start to recover our sanity. The way we do this is to concentrate slowly on completing one task at a time, each hour of the day, until the day is over.” — Sarah Ban Breathnach

In our busy lives, we can become totally governed  by the clock. As we worry about getting everything done ON TIME, the clock distracts our attention from the task at hand. And in our race to get everything done, we get so concerned about checking items off our list that we barely notice the activities at all. Were they meaningful or satisfying? Who knows? We weren’t really paying attention!

Our focus on the clock creates stress. By dividing time into hours and minutes, we see time as limited, and this prompts us to put limits on ourselves. We feel pressured by our schedules, which are often over-loaded.

Once we become aware of how the clock can interfere with how we engage with life, we can consciously shift our focus from the clock to our task. When we are present to the moment and allow ourselves to become totally absorbed by the activity at hand, we can truly experience what we are doing and give it our best. Both our productivity and satisfaction rise, and we experience the power of timelessness.

“Living in present time helps eliminate clock-induced stress, because instead of concentrating on your schedule, you learn to release the clock and fasten all your energies on the job at hand.” — Diana Hunt & Pam Tait

Our effective time management workbook will spark your awareness and help you shift your thinking, from doing what’s urgent to doing what’s important.

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