Track how you are spending your money

“The person who doesn’t know where his next dollar is coming from usually doesn’t know where his last dollar went.”
— Source Unknown


Have you started to keep track of every coin you spend? Do you know where your money goes each month?

This vital exercise helps us gain control of our finances. Not only does it give us solid information on our spending practices, it also heightens our awareness of how we deal with money day by day. As your attention on money increases, you will also be more attentive to your thoughts and emotions around money. Awareness is what’s most needed to bring change.

And take heart. This is a short term need. You won’t have to record every coin you spend forever – just until you have enough information to support you in developing an effective (and realistic) spending plan.


“Choosing wealth as a goal requires facing everything about your money bravely, honestly, with courage – which is a very, very hard thing for most of us to do. But it can be done.” — Suze Orman

Build a foundation for increasing your self-worth and net-worth. Explore how to manage your money and how to manifest abundance.


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