A Fun Game to Unlock Your Money Consciousness

I was introduced to a money app by “The Secret” that intrigued me.  I simplified it, so it is easier and more fun to use. AND it started making a difference in my own abundance thinking and results.

First, make a shopping list of what you would spend new money on. Things that cost tens of dollars, hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars and even tens of thousands of dollars. How would you leverage hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Watch how this game breaks through some money barriers you internally set up. You find more creativity and confidence at becoming a channel of the flow for money. You start to find the inner, ideal, abundant you. Money blocks start to melt away.

How the Game Works

Create a form with columns for days of the month, NEW income, savings, spending and money left. Or you auto download the worksheet at 


Rule 1. Daily pick your random number and add the number of zero’s for that week. This is your income for the day to spend or save. 

·      Daily pick a random number 1 to 9. Use a deck of cards, a dice or randomly open a book and take the last digit of the page number. 

·      On week 1 we add 1 zero, on week 2 we add 2 zeros, on week 3 we add 3 zeros, on week 4 we add 4 zeros and on the last 2 or 3 days of the month we add 5 zeros to your random number.

Rule 2. Put what you want into savings (20 to 50%).

Rule 3. From your accumulated left over spending money you must make 2 expenditures per week.

Rule 4. Periodically you can draw from your savings for bigger expenditures or investments.

Our inner world of abundance outwardly projects. 

So let’s open up our inner abundance channels. Every week we amp up the game by adding a zero to your income.

Here are some spending ideas – travel retreats, household items. holidays, big toys, coach, gym fees, personal trainers, house maid, clothes, health, cabin, philanthropy, nest egg orlife saving,, insurance, new income streams, new computer, health, dentist, education, your wildest dream, etc.

Keep adding to your shopping list. Allow your imagination to create your inner ideal life, life style and level of giving.  As you do this you will think of more ways to circulate money. 

Listen to your intuition. 

ASK – “In the highest interest of all concerned how do I spend new money?” Watch your inner perspectives on money shift. Make it more fun and doable instead of stressful and out of your reach.

Affirm, you are SOURCE. 

Exercise your new money muscles. You can serve in many new ways. Loosen your purse strings, Allow more flow. Participate in the ebb and flow of money. 

Watch your thoughts and self talk – “I am not worthy, I can’t…, This is a silly game…”.   Feel your level of giving, service and effectiveness expand.

And a big question – If you added one or 2 more zeros to your money game – how would you circulate that money? How would you help others?

To a more abundant you.