What does it mean to be in service?

“If it’s true that we are here to help others, then what exactly are the others here for?”
~ Unknown source ~

shutterstock_83013196 - VWe know that so many people who are drawn to our site hold a deep desire to be in service. What are your beliefs around service? Do you view it in any way as a duty or obligation? If so, perhaps we can offer a new perspective.
I am training with Jeddah Mali this year, and I was enlightened with her revelations around service.

According to Jeddah, service is not:

  • Doing something we don’t enjoy because we feel it is the right thing to do.
  • Wanting to free others.
  • Efforts to save others or the world.
  • These are mental concepts of what we think should happen.

And it’s definitely not helpful to get upset or frustrated because we feel we are not fulfilling our purpose, that there’s something better that we should be doing. It doesn’t matter what job we have or where we are, our being can be the vehicle of service. Maybe that is why it is called “being – in service!”

In Jeddah’s view, true service is integral to the fundamental design of existence. We serve all of life through our conscious evolution. As we become more and more aware of who we are at essence, we increasingly allow our thoughts, words and deeds to naturally arise from the truth of our being. We serve by being fully present and conscious of what’s unfolding moment to moment.

Jeddah says, “When you identify your being as in service to the evolution of consciousness, it is part of the experience of being for universal [rather than individual] volition to arise and be expressed. … Service is a head-less act. You take it from beingness through thoughts, words, deeds. Allow that universal volition to move through you as gracefully as it expresses through the opening of a rosebud.”

I have found it helpful to explore my motivations for wanting to serve. I can see that I’ve been approaching this from subtle ego needs to prove my worthiness, that there’s some value to my life. Fortunately, these faulty assumptions are gradually dissolving away.

My spirits were lifted when Jeddah revealed that enjoyment of being is a huge form of service. “Every time we say, ‘I love this being,’ this is the pinnacle of service because it showers all of existence in that blissful union and recognition. You can’t help be in service when you really love life by loving being. Then everything else will unfold.”

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