3 Levels of Consciousness

– Life does us -> We do life -> We are life

Explore 3 levels or stages of a typical life path where we gradually grow in commitment, awareness, self knowledge, self-healing and self-expression (manifesting). Here is one sample of 30.

Life does us -> We do life -> We are life

Life can seem disorderly, unpredictable and challenging until we learn skills and perspectives to manage and control life. Then we are ready to trust, open up and let go of control so the divine mystery of life can express through us.

There is a general progression in consciousness to these ‘3 Level Journeys’.  They progress from more reactive, practical, coping and concrete steps, to more abstract and conceptual steps, to more loving steps.

Enjoy your life long journey!

This is one of many types of short, memorable and powerful consciousness journey email series that are part of the Consciousness Journey Collection.

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