Life Question

Pose a consistent question for a long period of time and your mind will continue to seek better answers.

“It is only by questioning what people take for granted, what people hold to be true, that we can break through the hypnosis of social conditioning.” – Deepak Chopra

What question can you ask yourself regularly that will inspire, empower and energize you? That will bring you more meaning and understanding of life? This question will have more than one answer. It may take years to answer it fully. Or it may be a question that will never be fully answered. This question will connect with your essence and purpose in life and support you in expressing your unique gifts. Create your Life Question, ask it often and record your answers.

No matter where you are in your life, we have the right questions for you. They’ll help you confidently move forward and achieve what’s most important. For more details on how to get  A Sample Daily Smart Question Coaching, visit the link and begin now to uncover your inner voice of wisdom.

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