Are you here — NOW?

“Life is what happens to you when you’re making other plans.” — Betty Talmadge (attributed to John Lennon)

Really, this is too true to be funny. We lose the power of the present because we’re so rarely in it. We’re reliving the past or speculating about the future. We continue to believe that tomorrow’s the day when I’ll be more capable, more wealthy, more fit and more loving. Meanwhile, most of us just put in time, dreaming of better things but not making any concrete move to realize them.

Set an intention to be aware of your thinking throughout the day. When you find yourself thinking of the future or the past, bring yourself into the present moment. STOP and be aware. Open to experience yourself and your surroundings in that moment. Be grateful for all that you have.

If you can appreciate each moment, your life will be rich, no matter what you have or what you have accomplished. Make today really matter.

“Don’t view the moment as an obstacle to surmount, but as a gift to stop and enjoy. Each moment is a special gift waiting to be unwrapped.” — Drew Leder

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