Life as a mirror

“… at any moment in time what we see outside of us reflects our internal field of consciousness. As such it is a mirror for us. Looking in this mirror can be painful, but it is not nearly so painful as pretending that the mirror is not there.” — Paul Ferrini

shutterstock_104316161Our outer world gives us clues all the time about who we are. If you are unclear about what is wrong or off-balance in your life, be alert to situations that irritate, anger or upset you.

Cultivate the habit of looking within when you find something you dislike in other people or in your surroundings. Use those all-powerful questions to probe what it is within you that needs healing.

Also examine your general attitude. Is it energetic or lackadaisical? Is it adventurous or more status quo? Is it positive or negative? Do you prefer to lead or follow? What is your typical attitude?

“We discover in ourselves what others hide from us and we recognize in others what we hide from ourselves.” – Vauvenargues

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