Awareness Through Guilt

“We can’t afford to waste tears on might-have-beens. We need to turn the tears into sweat that can take us to what can be.”
— Denis Waitley

All over our site, we talk about how self-awareness brings empowerment. We’re always encouraging you to notice and release old habitual patterns and to seek a bigger picture. Sounds good in theory, but how do we actually do that?

I (Patrice) thought it might help if I shared a recent experience of mine around feelings of guilt. Through my story, you’ll be able to see:

– how I reacted unconsciously
– how an old belief programmed my behaviour
– how reflection helped me identify my habitual patterns
– how awareness of how I acted at one time can make a difference for a next time.

The whole scenario explains (I hope!) the power of paying attention to how we do life. Awareness of my thoughts and feelings in this one experience gave me valuable information about myself. Knowing this about myself allows me to make different choices in the future.

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